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Saturday, February 18, 2006 

Composite Auto Parts

This day there are so many composite materials that the car's parts consist of that it is hard to keep up with it. I as a body shop owner address all the issues the same way. I use the plastic bumper filler to fix any scratches of damage on bumpers ro any other plastic/composite material auto part. The article at ABRN tell the story a bit more in detail. I learned a lot from it and hope you pick up some techniques and ideas from it.

Repairability of Composites
With an understanding of why the OEM manufacturers have increased the use of composites in today’s automobiles, this question must be asked: Can we repair these materials and if so, how do we repair them?” The answer to this question is a simple “yes.” Any composite being used on an automobile today can be repaired. This statement can be made because of the improvements adhesive repair material companies have made throughout the past few years. They no longer need a wall chart that only an engineer is able to understand. Several years ago, you needed anywhere from five to eight products sitting on the shelf just to address bumper cover repair. With the demand for simplicity placed on the adhesive repair material companies, the materials needed on hand have been reduced down to one or two products. The OEMs are also leaning in the direction of specification-based repair and repair materials that meet a spec set by the automobile manufacturer. This will help reduce the possibility for failed repairs even further. DaimlerChrysler has introduced its composite repair deck, a tool designed to identify repair methods and products that meet its standards. Ford Motor Co. and GM have Tech Service Bulletins addressing their specs for products and repair procedures. Read More >>

This article is written by Ed Staquet
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