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Saturday, February 11, 2006 

Brembo & DaimlerChrysler JV

Brembo and DaimlerChrysler started a joint venture on January 22, 2004. They each hold 50% of shares of Brembo Ceramic Brake Systems. This new company is established in Stezzano (Bergamo) Italy.

The two companies are going to apply their specialist expertise in the manufacture of ceramic brake discs. As a startup company the first order of business for Brembo Ceramic Brake Systems is to develop and produce ceramic brake discs. Long term plans are going to include the development, production and sale of supplementary components. They estimate the volume of production will be about 15,000 units per year in ceramic carbon by 2006.

Ceramic Composite Material Brake Disc

The advantages of the CCM are:
· performance
· weight
· comfort
· wet braking performance
· corrosion resistance
· high lifetime
· technical image

Carbon material is being used for more than 30 years:
· 1970’s: braking systems for aerospace vehicles
· 1980’s: braking systems for aerospace vehicles and the racing world
· 2000’s: braking systems for sport cars.

The applications are: Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari Challenge Stradale, Ferrari F430, Ferrari 575 HGTC, Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, Mercedes SLR.

Read more about Brembo at Brembo Cars Site.
Brembo Cars

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