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Friday, February 10, 2006 

Finding parts for a 2006 Civic Si

Nothing I've ever seen that is more stunning than this new 2006 Honda Civic Si.

A powerful 197-horsepower 2.0 liter K20 engine, a close ration 6-speed manual transmission, stock 17" wheels and this thing is ready to race like no other.

Once this beast settles down (the hype and newness will wear off), this car will still be as popular as Civic has been since it first came out.

As for now, the new owners of these beauties will have to wait for Honda and aftermarket parts manufacturers release the bolt-ons and swap-outs.

This car is still too new, so very few parts are available to purchase. After an hour of searching the best place I found that you could have luck finding any parts and the soonest that you can find them is going to be at the honda store website.

After you enter all the information about your car and input your zip code, it will open up a list of dealers in your area, once you select a dealer you will get an online auto parts store where you can then order your part.

Follow the link to that web site.

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