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Friday, February 17, 2006 

Airbag Covers

Replacing an airbag system (SRS) after it has been deployed in an accident can be very expencive. You can spend from $800 up to $3000 on replacing the SRS. Besides the airbags you also need to replace the sensors, the SRS controller computer and sometimes the seatbelts. Some people like myself would never spend that much on an airbag system. I am thinking, people have survived driving with seatbelts for so long so this extra safety precaution is a luxury, to me anyway.

I prefer airbag covers. It is a cover that is the same shape as the original airbag bu it is an empty shell. They cost a lot cheaper. I am talking about $45 to $85.

Now this place that I've been getting my airbag covers from is offering to even paint the covers to your specifications. So when you get it you just need to bolt it into the opening where the airbag used to be.

Hicks Airbag Covers is where I've been getting my covers. They deliver fast and provide great customer service.

Hicks Airbag Covers

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