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Monday, February 13, 2006 

Plastic Auto Parts Standard

The Automotive Service Association (ASA) Collisions Operations Committee is examining the benefits of primed versus unprimed auto parts. They are trying to establish a standard for the OEM manufacturers so all the plastic bumpers & other plastic auto parts that are shipped out to the automotive collision repair shops are primed.

ASA determined that unprimed bumpers can cost the repairer an additional $14 to $23 in materials and 1 to 1.3 hours of labor.

Another issue that they saw was the ability of the estimating programs to account additional repair and material costs associated with unprimed auto parts. This requires repairer to make a manual line entry for the additional costs.

Jerry Burns, the assistant division director and owner of Automotive Impressions Inc. said that he's hoping SAE will adopt the recomminded standard and that all vehicle manufacturers will provide all plastic bumpers and other plastic parts in primed state. This will also eliminate the adhesion problems paint manufacturers and shops have with raw plastic auto parts.

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