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Wednesday, September 26, 2007 

New Beemer kisses a pole.

This 2007 BMW 750 is going to need a heep of parts to get it back on the road. Truthfuly, I don't think that anyone in their right mind will even dream about repairing this one. This is most likely destined for the auto parts yard.

The auction in North Carolina had a few of these high end cars today. I will look out for the price next time so I can post it here. Wondering how much it sold for.

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BMW 750 has some new parts in the market. After they're introduced with these products, they'll be the perfect rides.

digger derricks

Thanks for the post about BMW. I am expecting more about it.


Nice post..:-)
Thanks for sharing your this post and keep posting such post here in future too. it would be nice if you can share some information related to auto shipping quotes here in your future posts..


That is a heavy kiss! Haha. They need to get some parts from almaimports.com to get it fixed up!

That looks like more than a kiss, and that's gonna be more than a new bumper. I just replaced my bumper, so the sight of things like this makes me cringe a little! http://www.bionicautoparts.com

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