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Thursday, September 21, 2006 

Clear Coat from Germany, CR4 Brand

I have discovered this clear about six months ago. My paint supplier brought it by one day and asked me to try it out. Ever since then my paint jobs have changed. This clear is so easy to work with and it lays down so nice. Plus it buffs easy too. About 3 weeks ago I put half as much reducer into the mix by accident and my clear came out like glass. No orange peel. So next time I did it again and it came out perfect again. Ever since then I have been adding very little reducer to the mix and coming otu with perfect glass like clear coat.

I would reccomend to anyone that paints cars to try this clear if you've been having problems with orange peel.

4CR 7100 Automotive Clear Coat
The mixing ratio is 4:2:1 - clear:hardner:reducer
This is a 2 coat clear.

I wanted to write about this before but couldn't find the manufacturer's website or any information on it, so now I did.

The web site address is www.4cr.de, it is a German product, their web site is in German but you can change the language on the top to English.

They also have a 7200 version of this clear which uses no reducer at all, and it is a single coat clear. I just got this one this week and will try it out. We'll see how it does.

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