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Tuesday, September 12, 2006 

Roll pan for 1998 Toyota T-100

On my new (used) T-100 I decided to install a roll pan and get rid of my rear bumper. After spending hours online and looking through magazines, I could not find even one for a T-100.

I looked up a company here in town that does sheet metal fabrication to have it fabricated. I traced out the patern from the quarter panel sides that come over to the back, under the bumper onto a paper and cut it out. Transfered the patern from the paper to a piece of cardboard to give to the fabricators.

Them guys at the fabricator shop just tossed the patern. When I got the roll pan a week later it was way off of what I needed. The pattern I gave them was MIA. The rolled bends I needed them to make, they made with a brake, so now the bends that are suppose to be nice and smoothe, they have ridges on them, they made a bunch of brake bends to bend the metal into shape.

I didn't take a pictures of it but I should have. Now I have to bondo the roll pan to make it smooth like I need it to be.

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