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Monday, September 25, 2006 

Orange Metallic Paint Job


1967 Ford F100 is my new patient. It has rust here and there, dents and dings on almost every panel. It's antique custom orange paint is peeling off, the body panels do not line up with each other very well. I was entrusted to beat it back into shape.

After all the body panels are cleaned up and straightened, this baby is going to get a orange crush with gold pearl paint job. I can already see it.

Innitially I was going to paint it orange metallic but after talking to my paint supplier, I found out that orange paint is to dense and will not let the metallic be all that it should be. So even better, now I will have to use gold pearl to get the somewhat same, maybe better effect.


The original idea was a 2002 Lamborghini Diablo/Murcielago Color, Arancio Atlas.

Color Name: Arancio Atlas
Orange Metallic
PPG Code: *0058

This is the same color that the Orange Toyota Supra from The Fast And The Furious has. I actually have a whole page built about this Supra if you are interrested in reading about the build and specs of this car. Go to http://www.mirru.com/fastAndFurious.html

It would be wonderful if it the color would have been applied to your car but it is crucial to follow the advice fro the experts too. Goodluck!
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