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Monday, September 11, 2006 

More on Paint Jobs & Paint Guns

Having a nice paint gun sure helps a lot. I have used a cheapie, Sharpe gun for a long time before finding out the night and day difference of using a nice SATA gun.

If you don't have a SATA or iWata gun and unsuccessful to get a nice paint job done, I can tell you, you're not going be able to do it.

SATA is my choice. Never again will I use anything else. The rest is all garbage. If you've been painting off and on for a while, as soon as you get yourself a nice SATA gun you will have success!!! As soon as you start spraying you will see the difference. You are getting a nice spray pattern, the paint is getting distributed a lot more efficiently, you will feel a lot more confident spraying. It is life changing.

The gun I use is SATAjet NR2000 digital. I bought it thinking, "digital, cool", now I see it really makes no difference if it has a digital pressure display or not. The gun performs just the same without. I think I looked at this display twice. You will be spending extra $50 to $100 on this luxury. No need.

I recommend SATAjet NR2000. It will cost you from $420 to $550 new or about $290 used.

There is a new gun that SATA has just released, it is SATAjet 3000, which should be pretty nice. But like I said, unnecessary. You will spend more for luxury.

Also there is a SATAjet RP that is a nice gun, but I don't like the feel of it. I can't quiet explain what it is about it, but I just love my NR2000. The RPs are a little more expensive than NRs but not much to make a big deal about. If you don't know which one to get, get the NR2000 and you will be happy.

There are three ways of getting a nice SATAjet gun.

One is buying it brand new from your local paint supply store. You are going to get a nice setup for about $550 to $699. Your local supplier will be able to tell you all about it. Most of which will be true. A great product needs no salesman.

Second way you can get your SATA is online. You can get it from an online store. Online as you know it, you can get things cheaper, about 10% to 20% off retail price. Here is a place you can buy one. The address is www.SATAgun.com. All the places online that you can buy these SATAs will be different but the product is the same. The prices and the shipping fees are what you are looking for a deal on. You will get a good deal at www.SATAgun.com without loosing confidence. The shipping is $15.00 for most gun setups. This store specializes in SATA guns so you can expect a nice selection.

The third and the way you should get one is on eBay. Used SATAjet NR2000s sell for about $260 to $300 in good condition. These things are like Hondas, used only means it's been broke in, now you get to enjoy the benefits. Now you have to be careful about who you buy from on eBay. Make sure you read all the description and the terms. Make sure you count in the shipping fee before you bid, so you don't over spend. Make sure the gun is not broken and it has all the components, like the gun and the cup are there. Some guns I see sell without the cup and some people over pay for those.

There you go, now you have some info to take to the store with you. Get the nice gun and stop driving your self crazy with the cheapie. Maybe your blood pressure will even drop. :)

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